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What are Synapses?
· Synapses are tiny gaps between neurons, that nerve
impulses pass from one neuron to the next.
· The gap at synapses is tiny; about 20 namometres wide.
· The synapses decreases the speed of the nerve impulse
transmission.…read more

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How do Synapses Work?
1. The nerve impulse arrives at the synapse.
2. The receptor sites are stimulated.
3. A chemical (neurotransmitter) is released from the
sensory neuron and diffuses. The molecule is the correct
shape to fit into receptor molecules on the membrane of
the motor neuron.
4. A impulse is stimulated in the motor neuron.
5. The neurotransmitter is reabsorbed to be used again.…read more

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Nerve ending of
neuron…read more

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· Serotonin is a chemical released at synapses that gives
a feeling of pleasure. Lack of serotonin is linked to
· Prozac is an anti-depressant drug that causes serotonin
to build up at synapses, by stopping the receptor
molecules reabsorbing it.
· Ecstasy works in a similar way to prozac, but it may
destroy the synapses; causing anxiety and depression.…read more


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