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Symbolic Interactionist
George Herbert Mead (1863 ­ 1931)
Is generally regarded as the founder of symbolic
interactionist.…read more

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Meaning: Symbolic
Symbolic interactionist is from the action theories.
Mead concludes that is the study of societies in a
small interaction group rather than the whole society.…read more

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Human interacts in terms of symbols whereby the
most important are contain in language.
They interact by using gestures and languages.
Symbols impose particularly meanings on objects and
events, and in doing so, largely exclude other possible
meanings. They provide the means whereby humans
can interact meaningfully with the environment.…read more

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Symbolic interaction is necessary since humans
have no instinct to direct their behavior. In order
for social life to proceed we must construct a world
of meaning. Via symbols, meaning is imposed on the
world of nature and human interaction with that
world is thereby made possible.…read more

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Role Taking
In order for interaction to proceed, each person
involved must interpret the meanings and intentions
of others
To understand human actions, we must understand
the meanings given to the actors activities. By taking
the role of the other, actors interpret the meanings and
intentions of others.
The role taking involves one person taking on the role
of another by placing themselves in the position of the
person with whom they are interacting…read more

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The self
Mead claimed the idea of a self can only develop if the
individual can get outside of himself in such a way as
to become an object to himself.
In overall it is an image of what sort of people they
are. According to mead; there are two aspects of the
self that is `ME' and `I'…read more

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A great PowerPoint which summarises the concept of interactionism which can easily be converted into flashcards.

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