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Symbolic interactionism


Born out of a branch of philosophy that included thinkers such as John Dewey symbolic
interactionism is largely concerned with the study of interactions and the meanings that
individuals place on their social actions, however unlike other social action theorists such as
Weber they prefer to focus…

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crying or shaking their fist' then they can try to recognise what has led them to display that
particular emotion. Human interaction is as such an endless cycle of interpretation as we
take the role of the other people we are interacting with until the end of that interaction and…

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some social roles need to be able to develop and adapt depending on the large scale
developments of society, for example in a society that is going through a period of
secularisation or oppression of different political and religious views church officials such as
priests may need to adapt their…

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While interactionists argue that the acceptance of symbols depends upon a shared belief in
the cultural norms of a society there has been no attempt within the theory to provide an
account of the origins of these norms. They are just accepted as given and they are subject
to possible…


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