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Physics 198-101A Symbols used in Formula Sheet (Revised Oct. 2001)
Quantity Symbol Value, units Quantity Symbol Value, units
Area A m2 Parallel comp. of l l m
Base of triangle b m Distance, length l m
Height of triangle h m Power P Watt (W)
Radius r m Potential energy PE J
Volume V m3 Potential energy of gravity PEG J
Horizontal coordinate x m Potential energy of a spring PEk J
Vertical coordinate y m Kinetic energy KE J
Angle Radians (rad) Kinetic energy of rotation KE J
Arc length sarc m Moment of inertia I kg-m2
Angular speed rad/s Linear momentum p kg-m/s
Velocity, speed v m/s Linear momentum vector p kg-m/s
Angular acceleration m/s2 Weight W N
Acceleration a m/s2 Tension T N
Time t s Angular Momentum L kg-m2/s
Displacement x, y, z, s m Wave distance z m
Displacement vector s m Wave, oscillation amplitude A m
Initial velocity vi m/s Wave, oscillation frequency f Hz
Final velocity vf m/s Wave, oscillation period T s
Average velocity vave m/s Wavelength m
Initial angular velocity i rad/s Wavenumber m-1
Final angular velocity f rad/s Angular frequency rad/s
Average angular velocity ave rad/s Phase angle rad
Velocity vector v m/s Angle of incidence i rad
Acceleration vector a m/s2 Angle of reflection r rad
Centripetal acceleration aC m/s2 Index of refraction n -
Density kg/m3 Angle of refraction t rad
Mass m kg Speed of light c 3.00 × 108 m/s
Specific gravity sg - Refractive power (diopters) D m-1
Pressure p Pascal (Pa) Focal length f m
Height, depth h m Distance of object from lens so m
Acceleration of gravity g 9.8 m/s2 Distance of image from lens si m
Force F Newton (N) Height of image hi m
Torque N-m Height of object ho m
Force perpendicular. to r F N Magnification M -
Distance of line from pivot r m Electric field strength E V/m
Distance from center (pivot) r m Two slit separation s m
Spring constant k N/m Width of slit w m
Stress Pa Diameter of circular beam d m
Strain - Resolution R m
Young's Modulus Y Pa Numerical aperture NA -
Shear stress s Pa Diameter of a lens (aperture) a m
Shear strain - Decibels db
Shear Modulus S Pa Harmonic number n -
Gravitational constant G 6.67×10-11 Fundamental frequency fo Hz
N-m2/kg2 Electrical current I Ampere (A)
Major mass M kg Electrical potential V Volt (V)
Gravitational field g N/kg Electrical resistance R Ohm ( )
Gravitational potential G Joule (J)/kg Number of kg-moles n -
Distance from Earth center r m Universal gas constant R 8314.41 J/kg-
Distance from Sun center r m mole/K
Radius of Sun R 6.97×108 m Temperature T K
Radius of Earth R 6.37×106 m Diameter of tube d m
Mass of Sun M 2.0 ×1030 kg Viscosity N-s/m2
Mass of Earth M 5.98×1024 kg Amplitude of Sound pressure pamp Pa
Work W J Decibel relative dB -
Decibel absolute dBO -


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