SWOT Analysis of Big City Plan

Big City Plan was a regeneration project in Birmingham and is really good for the Urban Decline sections in World Cities. I'm uploading more case studies that I think are really useful for everyone to use. Please rate and comment!

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Strengths Weaknesses
Lead by local people, may all understand Local people may be very diverse in terms
what the city needs of social groups, therefore also
Boost in the local economy socio-economic groups. If they demand
Improves the connectivity of all 5 areas- different things it'll be difficult to
less pedestrian accidents, more prioritise.
sustainable for the environment Not all places will be regenerated at the
Transport links encourage the local people same time
to stay in the city and also provides jobs Could be a lengthy process so people
for the local people would move away whilst the process is
HS2 centres are possible in the future, taking place
boost for visitors and also more accessible A lot of money put into the scheme
Lots of green space areas, therefore it is initially, people may question where the
environmentally friendly but also an area money is coming from and also the local
for people (especially families and people may not agree that their money is
students) to enjoy and socialise being spent on something that does not
directly impact them. Therefore there is
possible conflict
Large risk involved with the entire project
Opportunities Threats
For buildings in Birmingham to be Possible recession hit similar to several
sustainable due to CHP power that's years before that severely damaged the
generated locally such as the Library of nation, could cause projects to be halted
Birmingham e.g. buildings in Snow Hill District.
The younger generation to have many job Changes in the demand of the population
opportunities in the future e.g. universities. Students may not go to
Has the opportunity to build a lot of offices Aston/BCU/UofB due to the changes in
to provide 50,000 jobs exams and grades being too high-
More people into Birmingham means (possible opportunity for more apprentice
better reputation for the long term future schemes however)
Education- more people come to the three May not be appropriate and so the
universities in Birmingham (Aston, UCB & payback time is extended to an
University of Birmingham) and will reside in extreme-isn't worth the large amount of
all areas but also in Eastside. This is helpful money invested into the projects
for the long term as they will grow and Some urban changes
expand the city economically but also in a More congestion due to more people
positive social aspect. Overpopulated in the city, less affordable
housing for young families
Attract the risk of terrorism due to the
global city idea they want to have- global
Lots of chain stores and so there are no
independent retailers- no individuality
Big City Plan SWOT Analysis


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