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Swing Era…read more

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The Facts
· 1930-1946 (roughly)
· Popular in the USA
· Often known as the "big
band era"
· Pioneered by musicians
such as Benny Goodman
(pictured right)…read more

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The Musicians
· Duke Ellington
· Louis Armstrong
· Coleman Harris
· Count Basie
· Johnny Hodges
· Art Tatum
· Ben Webster
· Benny Goodman…read more

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The Characteristics
· Swing quavers (so play 2 quavers as dotted quaver and semiquaver)
· Blues scale
· Less improvisation than for most jazz styles
· Often played by big bands, including woodwind, brass, piano
· White and black bands ­ each race had different styles of playing: white
bands tended to use written music, and hardly ever improvise, whilst
black bands played by ear, used more gospel influences and more
· Usually had solo vocalist (i.e. Frank Sinatra)…read more

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The Audience
· Radio was essential to reach audiences.
· Tours and concerts were often jam-packed ­ it
wasn't unusual to see 5000 people in a
concert hall dancing to the same band.…read more


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