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Sustainable Estonia 21…read more

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Achieving a Viable Cultural Space
This is because a strong cultural identity
is helpful in developing a tourism
industry then part of the strategy of
becoming less reliant on international
banks…read more

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Tourism in Estonia
Creation of jobs, tourism sector is very
labour intensive.
Tourism is a service industry, therefore
generates foreign exchange earnings.
Tourism bring in new consumers within the
domestic economy AD shift outward local
supplier will see boost in profits, could cause
a multiplier.
Accelerator effects from investment in
tourism infrastructure and services such as
airlines.…read more

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Environmental Targets
Increase renewable energy share to 25%.
Capping Energy Consumption:
Preserving the final energy consumption at the
2010 level.
Involves large improvements in energy efficiency
per unit of output.
Diversification and Security of Supplies:
Currently 90% of electric energy is generated from
oil shale.
Increase Efficiency:
Improve energy efficiency in transport through
tougher regulations and a rise in fuel duties.…read more

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Remember Estonia is part of the EU so
participate in the EU Emission Trading Scheme.
Estonia wants their participating businesses to cut
emissions to the extent where they are a net seller
of spare carbon emission permits thus generating
extra revenue.
In recent years Estonia has carried out
ecological tax reforms.
The goal is to increase environmental tax but reduce
labour tax.
The environmental tax has a neutralising effect on
total tax revenue.
Increase environmental for businesses but charge
less for extra people they employ.…read more

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Relative Poverty
In the EU this is 60% of the median
income for the country.
In 2011 17.5% of the population lived in
relative poverty.
Relative poverty rates are 3 times more
likely in the north-east of Estonia…read more

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