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Healthy and industrial farm system
There is a phenomenal difference between healthy farm systems
compared to an industrial farm. A healthy farm system is
sustainable. This system includes having healthy plant roots
that store water and nutrients and the support given to the plant
from the base is stable. The…

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The after effects of chemical fertilizers are long term depletion of organic matter; soil compaction; and degradation of soil
When the land is not in use the soil is bare and is exposed to erosion.
In a hilly terrain; when ploughing up and down hills is not done it…

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A mixture of decaying organic matter which mostly includes dead plants, rotten leaves, animal manure, tree barks etc. which
are decomposed through aerobic decomposition. Composts are known to be richly packed with nutrients.

Sustainable Alternatives Available to us
Some of the sustainable alternatives that are available to the farmers today;…

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