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Emma Burton 13GGS

To what extent do the developments
around Holes Bay marry the two
concepts of economic and
environmental sustainability? (20)

Poole is located on the Dorset coastline in the South of England and is part of the western end of the
rapidly developing south coast urban area which…

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Emma Burton 13GGS

Currently there is a large amount of redevelopment going on in the areas that surrounds channel that
leads into holes bay including the construction of the Twin Sails Bridge which will unlock the 30Ha of
the underused power station site on the Hamworthy side.

Currently there have…

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Emma Burton 13GGS

as helping to ease congestion all year around making it easier for the residents of Hamworthy to
access Poole town centre providing the opportunity for a wider variety of jobs.

The new Twin Sails Bridge will utilise the old power station site as the
main way to…


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