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Surviving Ethnic Sports
Tar Barrel Burning.....…read more

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Where and when?
· An Ancient tradition annually held on
November 5th in Ottery St Mary, Devon…read more

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· It is thought the tradition started after the Gun
Powder events in 1605, however, alternative origins
suggest it was a ritual created to exorcise the devil
and other evil spirits.
· Many villages partaking in the tradition rolled the
flaming barrel.…read more

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· Somewhere along the line it was considered "tame"
rolling flaming barrels so.....
....why not carry them?!?
· Ottery is now the only Town in the country carrying
full sized lighted tar barrels through the streets.…read more

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The Barrels?
· The evening consists of 17 barrels being lit across the
· The barrels in the late afternoon are the boy's barrels
which are the smallest. The women's and youth barrels
then take place in the early evening, followed by the men's
barrels in the evening.
· The barrels are lit from pubs and hotels across the town
until the midnight barrel, which is the largest barrel and
takes place in the town square.…read more

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Bonfires, Fairgrounds and Sponsorship
· Previously banks on the River Otter have been home to the
bonfire, the present site is now located on St Saviours
· Like the majority of bonfires, it is made from scrap wood.
However, this bonfire has the addition of the burning
Barrel...................Well the remains anyway!
· There is also the procession of Gun Fire
from the local residents.…read more

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