Supreme Court Key Cases

Some of the key cases to know for the Supreme Court - not an exhaustive list, but these are some of the most useful ones to remember. If you have trouble remembering lots of cases (like I did) then these should help.

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Strength Cases ­ strengthen the role of Federal Government
Marbury vs. Madison
o 1803
o Established judicial review precedent ­ first time the SC examined a
decision from the executive and declared it unconstitutional
McColluch vs. Maryland
o Maryland attempted to tax the federal government (the National Bank,

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(Mostly called Warren Cases after the chief justice)
Brown vs. Board of Education
o 14th Amendment job ­ this time, court says separate is not equal
o Basically outlaws segregation and begins getting rid of Jim Crow
o Fits well with Plessy vs. Ferguson
Mapp vs. Ohio
o Police entered…


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For students looking to find short-cuts to important and well-known Supreme Court case studies this is a very useful starting point. Students will need to read around cases in more depth in order to address AO2, (evaluation and analysis).

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