Supporting the Church


Notes on strengths of the English Church including: 

  • Conservatism
  • Church building
  • Catholic literature
  • Evidence of wills
  • Visitations
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Areas of popular support of the Church
Writings of Sir Thomas More remind us the Church has plenty of defenders.
Tradition of worshipping God has been passed down generation to generation ­ feeling safe
and secure.
Church protected them from evil and gave hope of salvation
Ideas of reform were dangerous and destructive of this tradition
Seen as a weak argument
Could be seen as old fashioned and not adapting to society of that period of time ­ time of
Renaissance - The revival of art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th­16th
Church building
Important and not-so-important men still poured money into the church, church vestments
and ornaments - tradition in giving to the Church.
People were concerned with extending and beautifying their churches ­ people are still
These routines carried on unchallenged ­ people continued to invest in the church
Catholic literature
Printing presses produced more conservative literature than Protestant or anticlerical tracts.
Proving to be popular as many handbooks, e.g The Primer, a medieval collection of Latin and
English devotional works sold 37 editions between 1501 ­ 1520, shows people was not as
opposed to the Church as they seem.
Abundance of Catholic literature could cause opposing groups to create their own
propaganda, e.g Simon Fish ­ A supplication for the Beggars in 1529.
Evidence of wills
Most wills included something to be given to religious causes ­ people still had faith towards
the church.
Chantries, fraternities and religious guilds continued to organise religious events in English
towns ­ many families had heavily invested in heavily traditional Catholicism.
These investments shows the Church was not widely seen as seriously corrupt and unpopular.
Could represent habit, rather than heart-felt support
Paying way into heaven
Religion as business
English Church was far from perfect HOWEVER, it made an effort to put its house in order by
attempt in regulating and reorganising the Church.
Church buildings and church services were investigated and appraised.
Only limited corruption was found.
Broad mass of people at this time were illiterate so could share views on Church (but silence
should be taken as a sign of approval)

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