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Assess the view that the relationship between superpowers and the
developing world is a neocolonial one

Neocolonialism is an indirect method of exploitation and maintaining power.
This is in contrast to colonialism which is considered a `hard' method of gaining
control often through military force many left wing (socialist) geographers…

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Although countries such as China have gained hugely from globalisation
there are still many LDC's that have cut off from trade ensuring that
they stay in a state of `underdevelopment'.

Chinese FDI in Africa

There is much controversy over whether the Chinese Foreign direct investment (FDI)
programmes in Africa have…

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Only `pockets' of Africa will benefit from the investments and the poorest LDCs will
not, creating greater inequality across the continent. Although these new
programmes may look very beneficial for the short term to act as a catalyst for
development, in the long run these countries will struggle to pay…


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