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Super Injunctions
By Lucy Rees…read more

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What is a super injunction?
"A court order prohibiting a party from a
specific course of action."
Legal Definition
This super injunction allows celebrities
and politicians to keep their
conversations, purchases etc secret. It
means that the media can not disclose
any information about the person who
holds the super injunction.…read more

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What is the difference between an
injunction and a super injunction?
An injunction allows the media to
state that an injunction has taken
A super injunction means that the
media can't even mention the fact
that a super injunction has been
issued…read more

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Past Examples
A few recent examples of a super injunction
Jeremy Clarkson's super injunction, which
has made it illegal for any details relating
to his supposed affair with Jemima Khan
to be released (16 May 2011)
The government MP's super injunction,
banning the media to disclose personal or
monetary information.…read more

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Punishments can range from fines to
a prison sentence.
A breach of a super injunction is
considered a criminal offense as
much as drink driving and stealing.…read more


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