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An example of an A* response from a past paper asking you to analyse a persuasive text.

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English Language Work 30/04/12
Exercise 1: Sunny Valley
Pg. 83 ­ Grade Studio A* Answer
How Does the Brochure Try to Persuade People to visit Sunny Valley Holiday
The brochure for the Sunny Valley holiday camp uses lots of typical persuasive techniques.
Within the first paragraph we can see a triplets, facts and lists. The author of the article tells us
exactly what there is to offer at the camp, with `chalets, caravans and room for tents' and entices the
reader with the many options for different types of holidaying.
The author of the article goes on to use facts, like telling us that they `even offer special
rates for single parents to bring their children'. The author has used this technique to tell the reader
that they aren't bluffing ­ it really is a great place to go with all its offers and special rates.
From the style of the article we know the audience is people who are willing to go on
national holidays. The start of the article talks about the family rates suggesting they are aiming the
article at mainly families and couples with young children or no children. This audience is easily
persuadable with this article because they can understand the value of cheap holidays that are fun
for all the family. This is a great use of facts, because for most adults, when it comes down to prices,
whether they are with or without family, it's all about the facts and figures.
A little further on in the article it talks about larger parties, still focussing on group in the
reading audience. This has an opinion, about it being the `ultimate luxury holiday accommodation'.
This might not be strictly true, and other people may think differently but the author's use of this
opinion puts a positive impression of the 6-8 berth caravans across to the readers.
Another great feature this article uses, that is brilliant for persuading people, is the listing of
features. The brochure feature an entire section on things the kids can do...and how it will benefit
the adults as well! The section lists things for the `little ones' like crèche and a junior kids club, and
tells us that mum and dad can totally relax whilst their kids are at these places... because sunny
valley has `won numerous awards for their children's facilities.' They also then list the `tons of
activities ran by `well-trained staff', the Big kids club and things that offers, like the mini golf, bowling
or weekly parties, the arts and craft classes where children can `make their own fab souvenirs' and
finally the teen club, with loads of exciting adventurous challenges `to tempt even the most difficult
teen'. All this listing shows off the many many activities available and entices the reader with its
brilliant describing words like `fab, exciting and tempting!'
Finally the article talks about what is left for the rest of family. If granny and granddad need a
break from the children there are daily bingo sessions, sing-alongs and tea dances. This highlights
more entertainment, showing us once again that there's loads of brilliant things to do and that the
camp really does cater for ALL the family `not just the children'.


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