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Key terms:
Science Science: a branch of
knowledge conducted on
objective principles
involving the systematised
observation of and
experiment with
Gender bias Gender bias: gender bias is a
term that suggests that the
views of gender (individualistic
or societal) are distorted in
some systematic way. It can
occur in research that has be
indicated a difference
between men and women. The
difference found can be
genuine or may be a result of
gender bias where difference
may be over or under
exaggerated.…read more

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Freewill and determinism Freewill: an individual is seen Determinism: those who
as capable of believe determinism think that
self-determination, according people's actions are shaped or
to this view individuals have an controlled by external and
active role in controlling their internal forces operating on
behaviour, and do not act in them. An example of an
response to any external or external force would be the
internal pressures. Most influence of parents when
people taking this stance rewarding certain behaviours.…read more

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