Summation by differences

This is a method of finding the answer to problems involving summation. Let me know how to improve on this. I hope that I have not made any mistakes. I hope to upload some more. I am a supply teacher.

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Summation by difference
Find the sum of
n = 1 4 22 02
n = 2 8 32 12
n = 3 12 42 22 22 cancels out 22
n = 4 16 52 32 32 cancels out 32
n =(n2) 4(n2) (n1)2 (n3) Note here that (n2+1) = (n1)
n =(n1) 4(n1) (n)2 (n2)2
n = n 4n (n+1)2 (n1)2 "n" is the last term
(n) + (n+1)2 02 12 is the answer ie. What's left
are the top two on the right and the bottom two on the left after
cancelling out. The blue lines show what have been cancelled out


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