summary of the turning effects of forces

A summary of the key points needed for turning effects of forces of the As physics syllabus.

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Summary of turning effects of forces
The moment is the turning effect produced by a force:
Moment of a force about a point (in N m) = force (N) x perpendicular distance from the force to the point
A couple is the turning effect due to two equal forces acting in the opposite direction:
Couple (in N m) = magnitude of one force (N) x perpendicular distance between the two forces in the
couple (m)
The principle of moments states that, for an object in equilibrium:
Sum of the clockwise moments about a point = sum of anti-clockwise moments about that point.
The centre of gravity of an object is the point at which its entire weight appears to act.
An object will balance if supported at its centre of gravity.
A freely suspended object will always come to rest with its centre of gravity directly below the point of


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