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Case Study ­ Montserrat
Volcanic Eruption
GCSE AQA Spec A Geography…read more

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Primary Effects
Villages were destroyed and 23 people
The airport and port was closed off.
Plymouth was evacuated.
5000 people moved to the North of
the island.
Only 39 square kilometres was
considered safe out of the total 103
square kilometres.…read more

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Secondary Effects
50% of the population have left the
Evacuees were forced to live in
makeshift shelters with inadequate
sanitation ­ with only a few schools and
no proper hospital.
The country's tourist industry stopped.
The processing of imported rice and the
assembly of electronics products
The country was forced to rely on the…read more

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Short ­ Term Responses
50% of the population have left the
The tourist industry in the country
stopped completely.
Aid totalling £41 million has been
offered to redevelop the North of the
island and £10.5 million to relocate
refugees.…read more

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Medium Long - Term
In 1997, £2400 was offered to each
adult over 18 to leave the island if they
wanted to.
The Montserratians were demanding
£20000 per person.
Money may be invested in rebuilding
area that were destroyed by the
eruption.…read more

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Mr A Gibson


Details, facts and figures, short, medium and long term effects - all concisely put together with some exam questions at the end to remind you what you could be asked.

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