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Summary of research methods part 1

Methods and techniques

technique description strengths weaknesses
Lab experiment The IV is altered High internal Too artificial
directly by the validity- all and therefore
experimenter. All extraneous has low
other extraneous
variables are ecological
variables are tightly
controlled. The controlled validity, so its

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experiment is experiment as it's Greater risk of
conducted in. unethical EV's lowering
internal validity

Studies using a Two DV's and they are Allows the Cannot establish
correlation or linked together but investigation of cause and effect
relationship cause and effect can't areas in which an relationships
be established

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revealed by Problems over
questionnaires sample size
because it takes
a long time to
interview people

Case studies A study is focussed on Allows the Low population
small numbers of investigation of validity
people but in a large areas that would Can't generalise
amount of detail
be unethical in an…

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4. Train the observers 3. Problems with
so they become more internal validity
reliable with each re order or re
other write the
questions and
recheck using
the split half
technique, need
to get the same
score to be

Investigation design- ethical issues

Consent All participants know what FIC…

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