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The oil industry has a
The tourists walking
Plateau Mesa big impact on the The local tribes move around the
Canyon and overcrowding the
environment, they desert staying where there is
Butte land cause erosion
create noise and visual food and water, they have very
which disrupts the
pollution from drilling little impact on the land.
Sand Dune wildlife.
Rock Pedestal and building roads for
access of workers and Tourism
Alluvial fan transportation
Oasis Local Tribes
Oil Industries
The air looses
moisture on 1 side
The coast cools the
air therefore no air
People In The Desert
of the mountain rises and there is no
therefore no water rain
on the other side
High Pressure Winds blowing
winds blow across lands pick up
towards low little moisture
pressure air therefore there is no Extreme Deserts Location
Rain Shadow Coastal Deserts
Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of
Inland Cancer, these places of the earth are
Trade Wind
closer to the sun due to the earths
shape. Also there is sinking air on these
Four Types of Deserts 2 tropics therefore the hot air dries out
the land
Soil erosion, cracked
soil, dry rivers, plants Desertification
and animals die
Processes Overgrazing
Crops and animals die Physical
Reasons Climate Change
resulting in starvation
therefore they have to
Deflation migrate to cities resulting Impacts Cutting down
in over population
Freeze thaw Insolation trees
Overpopulation…read more

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Altiplano contains
Pyramidal Peak local people which are
La Paz is a city on the
farmers. They just
Machu Picchu is Altiplano, it is the worlds
Aretes Glacial trough manage to survive
an ancient city in highest city and its
due to the poor soil.
the Andes, it is a population is around 2 million
great tourist and is growing rapidly due to
Tarn Hanging Valley attraction migration
Corrie Ribbon Lake Altiplano plateau La Paz
Landforms Drumlin Machu Picchu
Huge amounts of Rock that has fallen from
rocks piled up at
the snout of the
the sides of the
mountain and broken up,
People In The Andes
glacier when the glacier melts it
forms a slight ridge on
Global warming is melting the glaciers. If
the valley side When two
Rocks that the glaciers melt there will be no
glaciers meet landforms in the future. As well as if the
have been
together the two
carried by a glaciers melt it is destroying the animals
lateral moraine habitat. Also The glaciers melting means
glacier then left
behind when it
meets together to Extreme that lima a city at the bottom of the Andes
form a single line
of moraine Environments wont be getting any water supply. Lima
gets most of its water from the glaciers
Terminal Lateral Medial
Ground Global Warming
Mountains Climate
The side of the mountain
Processes with the wind is going to
Plucking be a different climate to
Plucking is where water
the side. Same with the
from a glacier melts
Abrasion is where rocks in For a piece of land to be a side that has the sun
around a rock then
the glacier grind against mountain it has to be 610
refreezes, as the glacier The foothills of the
the surface eroding it meters above sea level
moves it pulls out the rock mountain are nice and
forming a nice smooth
from the surface tropical and the peaks are
Abrasion finish
covered in snow…read more

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A camel can change its body The zone of
temperature at day and night to There feet are Accumulation is where
adapt to the extreme temperatures the glacier is formed, The zone of Ablation is About 400 million years ago the 2
spread out wide to
snow falls at the top of at the bottom of the halves of Britain were on 2 separate
A camel can go a prevent sinking
the mountain and then glacier and is where the plates. And were separated by the
week or more Ears and Nose are glacier melts due to high Lapteus ocean. But over the years
freezes and turns into
without water and hairy to prevent temperatures those two plates collided to form
can go several sand getting in mountains. However these plates are
months without food inactive today.
Thick lips so they
can eat prickly
plants Gravity forces
Camels glaciers to move
A glacier is a slow Glaciers
moving river of ice Why Are There Mountains
In The U.K A continental and oceanic
plate collide and because the
Animals In The Desert oceanic plate is denser it sinks
Waxy skin to reduce Two plates collide underneath the continental
evaporation forcing land up to plate forcing land upwards to
Spikes to prevent form mountains
form fold mountains
Shallow spread out predators eating
roots to collect as them Plant can collapse
much rainfall as to shade itself from Collision Destructive
possible the sun
The skin can expand to Environment
Cactus store as much water as
Mountains Formation
Plants In The Desert
Animals In The Mountains
How To Stop Desertification Plants In The Mountains
Thick fur to keep
Building small walls Keep animals in a Quinoa warm
called magic stones to certain area to reduce
trap any rain that does overgrazing The stalks can
fall be used for fuel
Long necks so it
Can eat poor
Don't cut down any trees The plant is able to grow can spot predators
It doesn't need It is a popular crop in the quality grass
and plant more trees well at high Altitude
much rainfall to Andes as it contains
grow nutrients…read more


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