Summary of Enduring Love (Ian McEwan)

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Chapter 1
The picnic
Introduced to Logan and Jed
The balloon accident
How the day started
o Buying food
o Collecting Clarissa
o Walking to the Picnic site
o Discussing Keats
o The buzzard is spotted
o Return to the present...
Balloon falters
Wind restarts
All men hanging onto the basket debating action
Description of each of the men (Logan, Lacey, Greene, Gadd and Harry Gadd and Jed Parry)
Men let go, Logan holds on
Logan falls
Chapter 2
Consideration of his storytelling, what he could have done, rethinking the events
Return to the fallen men, Jed watching Joe "had I known what this glance..."
Joe goes to Logan's body, Jed follows
Jed suggests prayer, discussion about religion
Police arrive
Chapter 3
Return home
Description of the car journey
Clarissa tells her story
Discussion returns to the fall and what Mrs Logan experienced
Discussion of Jed then describing Logan and his fall again
Characterisation of Clarissa-unable to child bear, the den
What happened to Harry Gadd-Joe compared to a child
Loving between Clarissa and Joe and description of love life
Refusal to discuss Logan, shaking stories-cousin missing and trumpet show
Slept for an hour, Tony and Anna visit-leave at 1AM, talk until 2AM
Jed calls; wrong number
Chapter 4
Wake up, Clarissa to work at 8:30AM, Joe showers
Hubble space telescope article (2 ½ hours) Guilt at letting go? Phone call?
Taxi to Soho, reading room of London Lib-reading Darwin
White shoes with red on them; inner rant
Ideas about perception and illusions-looks outside-returns to reading room
Chapter 5
Meeting judging science book prize, Clarissa to brother-need to discuss phonecall
Thoughts and feelings about Parry, calls Jed's number
8:15 PM piece on narrative in science, 20 minutes later drifted
Ideas about science and storytelling
Gives up on work, ideas of evolution, Clarissa returns

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Never talk about Parry
Chapter 6
Description of their apartment and moving in
Joe drinks coffee and recalls the falling-who to blame?
Should he visit Mrs Logan? Clarissa arrives he tells about Parry's call
Clarissa brushes off Jed's love for Joe, then leaves for work
Joe calls Parry, they agree to meet
Chapter 7
Meeting with Jed
Joe tries to walk away but Jed prevents him
"something passed between us...…read more

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C had questioned Joe about Jed-considered Jed his fault
Talk about Jed's letter-C regretting life with Joe?
Thinks (seemingly)rationally about what to do about Jed
Moves from that night to the next morning quickly
Return to present with traffic. Arrive at the Logan's house
Chapter 13
Mrs Logan at the house (describes her and the house) "flowering cherry"
Jean's frustration about his death-wants answers but can't have them
Aware of the children (cherry tree ref.…read more

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Return to present. Joe arrives 20 minutes late to the restaurant with C and Prof. Kale
DNA present from C's godfather-Human Genome Project discussion
Joe gives C a 1st edition of Keats' 1st collection-Poems of 1817
Two men enter the restaurant-none of the party notices-10 feet away (William Golding)
Men arrive at the next table, shooting of Colin Tapp. Men leave
Chapter 20
All the party to a police station, already in the evening paper
C had not recognised Jed.…read more


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