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Summary of cognitive part 1

Short term memory

Description Evaluation
Duration About 18 seconds. Lacks ecological
Peterson and validity- nonsense
Peterson-nonsense trigrams are meaningless.
trigrams. Distraction In real life we are likely
task to prevent rehearsal. to remember information
Interval between for longer if it's
presentation and recall important to…

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used year book real life information and
information. Recall so the results show how
dropped significantly memory does change over
over the 47 years, time in real life.
recognition of names to extraneous variables
faces didn't drop as much. present- the repeated
Suggests retrieval failure measures design may have

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by maintenance rehearsal. evidence to support the
Elaborative rehearsal moves role of attention- for
it into the long term memory. example the selective
Retrieval brings information attention demonstrations
back into the STM. (basketball and gorilla)
Information can only be lost Flashbulb memories-
through the STM these emotional, personally
relevant memories…

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Doesn't explain musical
memory- Bertz found that
we can do two tasks which
should occupy the
phonological loop, e.g.
talking and listening to
classical music. So either
model is wrong or there is a
third system just for
musical information
No link to LTM (in the
original model) - the…


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