Summary Grid of different natural hazards with examples

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Geography homework for the 265h of January
Type Location Duration Scale Warning time Example
Earth quakes Plate 0 to 30 Can be any Variable Kobe
boundaries seconds scale depending on
Faults location
Volcanoes Plate 1 hour to Can be any Approximate Mt. St
boundaries week+ scale by day Helens
Land slide Unstable Rain ­ several Usually pretty Weather Rio de
ground days major forecasting janerio
Wet areas Landslide and ground January
seconds inspections can 2011
pick out at risk
areas in
Tornado Deserts A few hours Usually fairly Approximate Tornado
small but there by day Alley
can be big. America
Hurricane Monsoon A few days Can be many A few weeks Katrina
tropical areas scales Californi
Areas of heavy a
Floods Monsoon A few weeks Can be very A few weeks Pakistan
tropical areas major
Areas of heavy
Tsunami Ocean plate A few minutes Usually approximation Indonesi
boundaries devastating s a


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