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Summary of organic reactions

Aldehydes and Ketones

Aldehyde Carboxylic acid
Reagents: Potassium dichromate in conc sulphuric acid
Conditions: Warm under reflux
observation: Orange to green

To distinguish between aldehydes and ketones:

Add Fehling's solution and heat
Ketones: Blue solution to brick red precipitate
Aldehydes: No visible change

Add Tollens'…

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Summary of organic reactions

Haloalkane Secondary amine
Reagents: Haloalkane and primary amine

Haloalkane Tertiary amine
Reagents: Haloalkane and secondary amine

Haloalkane Quarternary ammonium salt
Reagents: Haloalkane and secondary amine
Nucleophillic Substitution

Haloalkane Nitrile
CN Ethanolic
Nucleophillic sub.

Nitrile Primary amine
Reagents: H 2
Catalyst: Nickel


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