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RC = ruling class

WWC = white collar crime

CJS = criminal justice system

EMs = ethnic minorities

TNC's = transnational corporation

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Caused by two factors:
social integration, which is the extent that individuals feel a sense of belonging to a social group or
to society and feel an obligation to its members, this is achieved through groups such as families and
religious institutions, and secondly moral regulation, which is the extent to which that desires and
actions of individuals are regulated by norms and values and this is achieved through social control
and socialisation. Durkheim suggested that suicide results from either too much or too little social
integration and moral regulation
4 types of suicide:
Egoistic suicide - not enough integration into society
Altruistic - excessive integration
Anomic - confusion over norms and values
Fatalistic - excessive regulation
Support - Halbwachs who undertook his own research confirming Durkheim's findings.
Positivists - Durkheim uses concepts that could not be directly observed or measured, undermining
the scientific nature of the positivist approach, instead the four types of suicide are based on
assumptions about what group membership means to the individuals concerned when this is a highly
subjective issue.
Durkheim's work rests on official suicide statistics which could be social constructs.
Douglas: 4 reasons for suicide:
Transforming the self
Transforming the self for others
Gaining fellow feeling
Atkinson : how to tell if it is a suicide:
Suicide note
Mode of death
Location and Circumstance
Life history
Taylor : Realist Taylor developed a balanced approach to suicide, giving 4 types.
Submissive suicide: caused by inside feelings, victim is certain of their actions
Thanative suicide : caused by inside feelings, victim is uncertain
Suicide of sacrifice: caused by outside factors, victim is certain
Suicide of appeal: caused by outside factors, victim is uncertain
based on interpretations of meanings for suicide and there is no way of knowing if these are correct,
particularly when suicide notes are not left- there may not be one reason for suicide but instead a
combination of motives. To develop this theory Taylor only used a small sample of case studies,

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