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History GCSE

British depth study 1906 ­ 1918

What rights did women have in the 19th century?
Legal Rights
For a long time married women weren't protected by law ­ women had no legal rights to their children
In 1857 The Matrimonial Clauses Act made it easier for divorce in…

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History GCSE

Women should already vote in local elections and showed There were more important problems (like Ireland) that
they could sensible decisions should be solved first
All men and women are equal in the eyes of God, so should Women are too ignorant of politics to be able to…

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History GCSE

Conciliation Bill
In 1911, the government promised a Conciliation Bill which won all party support. The suffragettes suspended all
militant action. The suffragists held 4000 meetings to support the bill. It get a majority of 167. But then Asquith
dropped the bill. Instead he announced he would introduce…


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