Suez Canal Crisis Timeline

Timeline outlining the key dates of the nationalisation + response of the Suez Canal Zone

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Suez Canal Crisis Timeline
16 November 1950 Egypt demand that British leave the Suez Canal zone.
8 October 1951 Egypt renounces 1936 treaty with Britain
19 October 1951 British troops take control of the canal led to fighting in the Suez zone and
unrest in Cairo
23 June 1956 Nasser elected president of Egypt without opposition (after toppling Farouk)
19 July 1956 Britain and US refuse to provide financing for the Aswan dam project.
26 July 1956 Nasser nationalises the Suez Canal Company ­ would spend revenue gained on the
Aswan dam project
1 August 1956 US, Britain and France hold talks about the Suez Canal.
29 October 1956 Israeli forces cross the Egyptian frontier and drive toward canal.
30 October 1956 English and French ask that Egypt and Israel withdraw ten miles from the canal
zone. They also ask Egypt to allow a "temporary" occupation of the zone, which Egypt reject
31 October 1956 AngloFrench forces attack Egypt in the Canal zone. Israeli occupy the Gaza
Strip and key points on the Sinai Peninsula.
5 November 1956 British and French captured Port Fuad and Port Said
6 November 1956 cease fire forced by U.S. pressure (Eisenhower)
8 November 1956 hostilities end
21 November 1956 first UN peacekeepers arrive in the zone
22 December 1956 last AngloFrench forces leave the canal
1 March 1957 Israel agree to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and Sinai.


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