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Succession Notes

What is succession? [slide1]
Bare rock can sometimes arise through the formation of a completely new island.
Lichens are found on growing on roof tiles, gravestones and are usually the first
organism to colonise on bare ground. They create a community that changes over time,
in a process…

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Submerged plants ­ sediments are deposited into the water and gradually the depth of
the lake will decrease allowing rooted, submerged plants to such as pondweed to grow.

Swamp ­ The water may be too shallow to support fully submerged plants. Instead
emergent plants grow partly in and out the…

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Most questions will have either transect, quadrat, abundance and distribution or change
in environment in the wording. This means that you need to answer about succession.

Links to other things

Abiotic and biotic factors (affect distribution and abundance)
Photosynthesis (Plant succession)
Click on Watch, then at the top click…

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