Successes and Failures in the English Civil War

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Civil War Successes and Failures
· INITIAL RESOURCES: Manpower (London, Bristol, Norwich), · Battle of Edgehill OCT 1642
Arms (London, Hull), Tax base (London) · `Royalist Summer' of 1643
· Turnham Green NOV 1642 (Royalists withdrew) · Divisions begin to surface between War and Peace parties (Political
· Battle of Newbury I SEPT 1643 (decisive victory) Presbyterians (Holles, Manchester) and Independents)
· Solemn League and Covenant SEPT 1643 · Morale is low mid 1643
· Scots lay siege to Newcastle JAN 1644 · Lostwithiel SEPT 1644
· Battle of Nantwich JAN 1644 · Newbury II is Parliament's rock bottom
· Marston Moor (Rupert defeated, Parl takes York)
· Self Denying Ordinance JAN 1645
· Creation of NMA Spring 1645
· Battle of Naseby JUNE and Langport JULY 1645
· Piecemeal conquest of Royalist areas Summer 1645
· Last siege of Oxford MAY 1646
· When declares war in AUGUST 1642 he has the initial benefit · Turnham Green NOV 1642 was a failure in that the Royalists withdrew
of being King, and an immediate sovereignty. and missed a crucial opportunity to take London.
· Battle of Edgehill OCT 1642 is overall King advantage · Landsdowne JUL 1643 a PYRRHIC victory
· Adwalton Moor JUN 1643 Royalist success · After successful `Royalist summer' of 1643, failed to take Hull and
· Landsdowne JUL 1643 was a victory but....-----> Gloucester from August to October 1643
· Battle of Roundway Down Summer 1643 a Royalist success · In the bloodiest battle of the civil war at Marston Moor JULY 1644,
· Royalist capture of Bristol JUL 1643 Royalists are defeated
· King signs the Cessation Treaty with the Irish, gaining troops in · Parliament are succeeding in every battle, all Royalist areas are slowly
September 1643 conquered in Summer of 1645
· The Royalists defeat the Earl of Essex at the Battle of · Oxford finally surrenders in MAY 1646
Lostwithiel SEPT 1644
The King


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