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Substance Abuse
Use and Abuse-
Substance use- where people don't experience immediate harm from taking a substance,
e.g. drinking a cup a coffee first thing in the morning
Substance misuse- where use results in some kind of problem such as; social, psychological,
physical or legal problems
Substance abuse- where the…

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Flory found alcohol abuse was associated with extroverts (outgoing, sociable and
easily bored) as opposed to introverts.
Low conscientiousness is also associated with alcohol abuse. Low conscientiousness
is shown by a person being disorganised, carless and unreliable.
Social factors and peer influence:
Social learning theory
Peer influence and peer pressure…

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Flay- four factors that are important for the effectiveness of social
inoculation; knowledge, discussion, skill development and public
Make people resistant to persuasion

Health promotion and health education-

Educating people to lead a healthier lifestyle

The Prochaska model of behaviour has four stages:

1) Pre-contemplation- not aware of their…


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