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This report will look at substance abuse in the news.
The non-directional alternative hypothesis states: `There
will be more news coverage of substance abuse involving
The null hypothesis states there will be no difference
between sexes where news coverage on substance abuse in
Case studies and news articles will be rewritten and
condensed. They will then be looked at in relation to the
initial hypothesis (alternative).…read more

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Police have arrested 351 people in a London-wide
crackdown on drugs. More than 1,500 police officers are
involved and have helped to seize 500g of heroin, 19
rocks of crack (cocaine), ketamine, a revolver and have
closed 35 cannabis factories.
This was all thanks to approximately 800 police activities
carried out in he city including testing in pubs and clubs
and sniffer dogs at transport hubs.
Columbian drug baron captured in Venezuelan phone
booth.…read more

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A former homeless drug addict saved by art.
Lanre Olagoke, a Nigerian man, was previously a
homeless drug-addict living on the streets of London. H
claims that art was his salvation and helped him to find
faith and faith in humanity. For years he's been helping
vulnerable adults through his charity, Art Alive, and
launched his first Soho Arts Festival in London recently.…read more

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Sigmund Freud is a renound psychologist studied
throughout the subject of psychology. He is very wel known
for his psychodynamic approach to psychology.
In February 1923, Freud was found to have a growth in his
mouth. He had initially kept this secret but soon told
Earnest Jones. He was in and out of hospital several times
to be given a more serious diagnosis and further surgery to
remove the growth.…read more

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When looking through the articles and sources on substance
abuse in the news, it is fair to say that the terminology used,
although specific in some instances (for example, looking at
Ecstasy/MDMA medically), is largely not field-specific or
technical terminology used by professionals in the field.
This may be to make the information more accessible and
easy to interpret for those who are not professionals.…read more

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When looking at the non-directional hypothesis, one cannot
necessarily find a simple and straightforward answer.
The hypothesis states `There will be more news coverage of
substance abuse involving men". In some cases, this is true.
If looking at simple news articles involving police forces or
the law, it is obvious that there is more coverage of men
involved in substance abuse.
However, when looking at the selection of case studies,
there is clear majority in that the majority involve
women/girls.…read more


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