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Sublimation Printing
A method of transfer printing…read more

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What is it?
· It is common practice for transfer
printing in industry is sublimation
· It is a process that uses special inks
called disperse dyes. These are
transferred onto fabric or other
products. It is not the transfer paper
itself as with normal transfer printing.…read more

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Disperse dyes
· These change from liquid to gas when
heated using a heat press. This process
is called sublimation.
· The dyes bond to any material which it is
next to when under heat/pressure.…read more

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· This method of transfer printing gives a
good quality and a more durable
· It is more a dyeing process than printing.
· As the dyes bond to the fabric, they
become just as flexible as the fabric.
· This process produces a sharp, clear
result as all colours are transferred at
the same time.…read more

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Process for sublimation printing
· Step 1: Image is designed or scanned onto a
· Step 2: Mirror the image
· Step 3: Print with sublimation dyes onto
transfer paper (special sublimation paper)
· Step 4: Turn heat press on and set heat
· Step 5: Place fabric and place paper face down.
(the heat changes the due from liquid to gas to
· Step 6: Remove backing sheet
· Product/fabric ready to use
Note: synthetics are the most effective using this method. They DO NOT
work well on cottons…read more

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· Quality and cost effectiveness are
important in industry.
· Sublimation produces excellent results
· Textile products can be washed many
times without decay/fading…read more

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