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Structural and subcultural theories of deviance


Subcultural theorists believe that crime arises out of the conformity of people to the values of
subcultures within society that they belong to subcultures which may reject the dominant
values of society and as such could give members rewards for deviant and criminal…

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Cloward and Ohlin ­ delinquency and opportunity (1961)

Cloward and Ohlin set out in their study to build on the work of Merton by arguing that
working class people had greater societal pressure to turn to deviance because there was
less chance for them succeed through legitimate means and they…

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have with their families. This criticism however seems weak as there is a lot of evidence that
the pursuit of wealth and success is a primary goal for some people and therefore it would
be reasonable to assume that would include those who engage in illegal as well as legal…

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more recently in the UK much of the criticism that has been made against underclass theory
has specifically challenged that of Murray. Henrik Tham has pointed out that despite having
a vastly more generous welfare system in Sweden the increase in crime has been less than
that of Britain, demonstrating…


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