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Studying Society
Society a group of people who have a common interest and a distinctive culture
Culture the whole way of life of a group of people passed from one generation to the
Law a set of written rules regulating what may and may not be done by…

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Formal curriculum what students learn in their timetabled lessons?
Hidden curriculum what students learn at school that is not formally taught in lesson
Sanction agreed award for positive behaviour or penalty for negative behaviour
Legislature the section of government that makes laws.
Judiciary the section of government that applies…

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Triangulation checking the accuracy of the data collected through one method by
comparing it with data collected by another method
Ethnography looking at the whole way of life of a group.
Sampling techniques
Random Sample a small group has been chosen from the sampling from, where
they all have an…

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Be careful not to put yourself in danger or ask too personal questions. You should promise
anonymity and confidentiality. You should also check that you have informed consent
especially with young people, children, and other vulnerable groups.
Qualitative Data
Qualitative data is in the form of text or images that…


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