Studies for whole topic of aggression

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SLT to explain aggression
Phillips- increase in homicides after major boxing matches in USA, AO3 androcentric
Stack- increase in suicides after Marilyn Monroe's death. AO3 cause and effect
Bandura- children cop ied aggressive role model- AO3 age group
Noble- children were aggressive as it wasn't a human. Bandura showed children can learn
aggression to humans if shown it. AO3 to a clown, which children do not like stereotypically
Watson- tribal warriors were more aggressive when their identity was concealed. AO3
aggression may be for survival purposes
Rehm- game in Germany showed pps in uniform were more aggressive. AO3 children
Zimbardo- students dressed anonymously as nurses gave harsher shocks. AO3 Ginocentric
Mullen- lynchings in USA were more severe with a bigger group AO3 ethnocentric
Deprivation Model
Hodgkinson- trainee nurses were more vulnerable to violence. AO3 limited to nurses only
McCorkle- overcrowding and lack of privacy influence peer violence AO3 individual differences
Nijman- psychiatric patients weren't less violence when given more space AO3 results may
differ with mentally healthy inmates
Megargee- negative correlation between space and prison violence AO3 fewer opportunities to
interact and be violent when with more space
Importation Model
Keller & Wang- high security prisons have more violence towards staff AO3- more security
means less freedom, according to deprivation model inmates will be violent
DeLisi- no link found between gang membership and behaviour in prison AO3 gang members
isolate themselves so would have less opportunities to be violent
Poole and Regoli- inmates who were violent outside juvenile correction were more likely to be
violent inside AO3 age bound
Harer and Steffensmier- black inmates in US prisons were more violent despite being involved in
less drugs and alcohol than white inmates AO3 ethnocentric

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Hormones & Neurotransmitters
Mann- drugs which reduce serotonin increase violence in males AO3 Androcentric
Dabbs- testosterone levels in saliva samples could differentiate between violent and non violent
crimes AO3 did the person really do the crime
Vikuunen- low levels of cortisol found in offenders AO3 data used was scientifically collected-
no demand characteristics
Lavine-amphetamines which increase levels of dopamine increased levels of aggression and
hostility in participants AO3 cause and effect can be established
Genetic Causes
Caspi- 500 male children, low MAOA and bad upbringing…read more


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