Studies for Biological Rhythms and Sleep- A2 AQA Psychology

Studies with the psychologists. Sorry some of it is in note form .

Tip. Save document as it is. Learn. Then print off without information without what the studies actually were and try and fill in. To test self.

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Stephan and Zucker Damaged SCN of lab rats- eliminated normal eat drink
circadian rhythm
Zucker, boshes and Dark Damaged SCN in ground squirrels and eliminated
normal eat drink circadian rhythm
Rusak and Zucker Damaged SCN in male hamsters SCN and eliminated
circannual release of testosterone
Abraham, Gwinner and Van't hof…

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Sassin Reversal of sleep cycles by 12 hours reversed the
release of GH- GH release controlled by SWS
Van Cauter Decline in GH in older age matches decline in SWS
Krueger Lack of SWS associated with reduced functioning of
the immune system
Rechtsaffen Kept rats awake by rotating a…

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Wickens Injecting orexin into areas of the brain associated with
sleep, such as the locus coeruleus and raphe nuclei
increase REM


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