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Social Influence
AQA Unit 2 Components and Studies.…read more

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Types of Conformity
Identify with the beliefs of the group and change yours to
match, however this is short and reversible.
When you permanently take on someone else's beliefs as
your own.
Publicly conforming to a behaviour, but privately
maintaining your own view.…read more

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Conformity- Majority Influence- Asch
123 male America undergraduates.
Given a series of lines of different
unambiguous lengths.
Put into groups of 8. 7 were confederates,
one was a participant.
They were asked to identify which line was
the same length as an example line.
Participants answered in the same order
each time, with the real participant last or
second last.
Confederates gave same wrong answer on
12 of 18 trials.
On the 12 crititical trials, 37% conformed
and gave the wrong answer…read more

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Why Did They Conform?
Participants gave 3 reasons:
1. Distortion of Perception- A small number came to see the
lines the same length as the majority.
2. Distortion of Judgment- they doubted the accuracy of
their judgment and so conformed to the majority.
3. Distortion of action- The majority of those who
conformed maintained their inner opinion, but changes their
outward behaviour to avoid disapproval.…read more

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Evaluation Of Asch
Historical validity- Conducted in the 1950's when Americans were
very anti commuist, and so feared appearing different. This may
have caused conformity rates to be higher. Perrin and Spencer tried
to repeat the study in the 1970's and found much lower rated of
conformity. 1 in 396.
Lalancette and Standing- modified the study to make the test more
ambiguous, so conformity would be higher, and still found almost 0
cases of conformity. This would imply that the effect Asch observed
was a fluke.…read more

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Cultural Variation In Majority Influence.
Smith and Bond did a meta-analysis of experiments
similar to Asch's. They looked at 133 studies that took
place in 17 different countries, some were individualist
and some were collectivist.
Conformity was significantly higher in collectivist countries.
A second half of the meta analysis studied how
conformity changed over time.
Found that levels of conformity reduced since Asch's study.…read more

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