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2.3 Adaptations for transport
Structures of transport systems
1. Multicellular animals have a transport system.

Movement of oxygen by diffusion alone would be a very slow process. An internal
transport system provides a rapid means of transport to multicellular organisms.
Transport systems carry oxygen, nutrients, carbon dioxide and waste products…

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5. The major blood vessels of the heart include: aorta, vena cava, pulmonary veins, pulmonary arteries,
coronary arteries.

blood vessels form a network of tubes which carry blood throughout the body.

6. The heart is a specialised organ having: cardiac muscle, own blood supply, variation in thickness of
wall, valves.…

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causing substantial reduction from aortic pressure. Their pressure depends on whether
they are dilated or contracted. As the blood enters the capillaries, they have a large
crosssectional area and this prevents a resistance to
flow and pressure also drops due to leakage from the capillaries into tissues.

11. Capillaries have…


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