Structure of the English Language Paper

This is specifically targetting the Aqa board, but may be useful for other boards.

It is rough guide, of how to answer each question in the English Language paper such as how many points to include.

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Understanding Non-fiction
Non ­ Fiction: texts are such which communicate ideas or descriptions which are assumed to be
Passing Paper 1, Section A ­ The formula
Question 1 : Retrieval (8marks)
- Like comprehension
- Taking key information
Question 2: Presentational Features (8marks)
Question 3: Interference and deduction (8marks)
Question 4: language comparison (16 marks)
Question 1:
want to see if you understand
want you to summarise, with the main points
include facts/ quotes from article
4-5 relevant points with 4-5 short pieces of evidence
Question 2
Presentational features :
4-5 relevant points
E.g. headline big and bold; attracting readers attention
Question 3
Inference and deduction (inference is when you read between the lines and pick up on
hints/ suggestions) (deduction is when you reach on a conclusion based on facts)
4-5 relevant points and quotes
Brief analysis
Question 4

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Comparing language (teaching etc) in two texts
4-5 devices in each
Active- Reading Features
Involves reading a text and actively identifying (annotationg /labelling) the core elements of
the text while you read
Purpose ­ why the text is written
Audience ­ who a text has been written for
- refer audience as readers / telegraph readers to avoid restricting yourself
Type of Purpose:
TO ...…read more


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