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The Structure of DNA
Hope Raybould and Mathew Graffy…read more

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DNA Structure
· DNA is made up of nucleotides.
· These contain-
· Deoxyribose sugar
· Phosphate molecule
· Nitrogenous base (pyrimidine or purine)
sugar…read more

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Nucleotide…read more

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Nucleotide Bonding
· Nucleotides bond together to form a
polynucleotide chain.
· Condensation Reaction.
· Occurs between carbon on pentose sugar
and phosphate molecule of another
· Forms a phosphodiester bond.
· One molecule of water is released from
this reaction (=condensation)…read more

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Base Pairs
· In DNA there are two
base pairs-
· Adenine ­ Thymine
· Guanine ­ Cytosine
· Base pairs bond to
each other via
hydrogen bonding-
· H-O and H-N…read more

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Base Pairs
· Base pairs include a pyrimidine and a
· There are only two base pairs in DNA as
these are the only combinations which
allow hydrogen bonding between bases.
· Base pairing gives DNA its double helix
by joining two polynucleotide chains
together and causing them to twist into a
helix shape.…read more

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