Structure of answering a poetry question

For anyone doing a poetry exam!

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Structure on how to answer a poetry exam...
Ok, here's how I structure and write my essay:
Intro-- introduce you poems here. Start with a brief general statement and what you intend to write
about in the essay. So in the last line, say "in this essay, I will......"
Para 1-- Analyse Form. What is the nature of the two poems? Are they.... sonnet?/Ballad?/Free
Verse?/Dramatic Monologue? Why do you think the poet has used this structure? To identify a
particular theme?/idea? think about that between the two poems and explain how they are similar
and different. Use plenty of evidence and try to embed your quotes
Para 2-- Analyse language. What poetic techniques has the poet used?
Imagery?/metaphor/simile/anaphora etc.... Make sure that you pick one technique and you write a
lot about it, don't bother making a point and not exploring it in depth. You grade could go down! Why
has the poet used this technique? To satisfy are particular idea/mood/effect?? Think about these
ideas. Make as many points as you can about language because you will get an awful lot of marks!
Use evidence again and compare the poems language. What is similar, and what is different
Para 3-- Analyse Structure. Are the lines long or short? Why has the poet adapted this style of
writing? What is the poet trying to achieve by structuring the poem in this manner? Think about the
stanza's and the form of the poem again, but don't repeat what you have previously stated before?
What effect/ feeling does the poem give to the reader? What ideas are they trying to dictate to us?
Use evidence again and use this questions as explanation/development
Para 4-- Explore the themes of the two poems. What themes do they speak about? How do they
portray it in their poems/why? You might want to go back to form/language/structure for this, and
try to give your own personal response to the poem, as well as an alternative response You get
so much marks for that!
Conclusion-- Sum up your essay. Highlight the differences and similarities of the poems, but don't not
add any new ideas here!


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