Structure for literary texts

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Rephrase the question to start introduction
Use some background knowledge to put passage/ question into context
Mention your thesis/ Set outline of argument
You may choose to offer a short quotation to support thesis (an argument)
You may choose to mention the form of the text and short aim/view of readers
Paragraph Structure
Continue to rephrase the question, to make sure the question is being answered
Use the PEE structure
Point- Make a point relating/ answering the question
Evidence- Provide textual detail to support the point made
Explanation- What techniques are used? Effect on reader: How the writer achieves this affect? Why
the writer wants to achieve this desired affect. Does it link to any wider themes/ objectives or aims?
Link- Make the writing flow. Link the first block to the next to make the work flow
"Insightful..." Use your knowledge to consider possible reasons of writer's choice
"Close analysis of detail" Providing short quotes from the text that support your views
Social/cultural/historical context
Personal Response: Appreciation of author's techniques/possible overall message and or purpose
(What was the author trying to achieve?)/offers original interpretation (if you did not enjoy the text,
mention why, give critical analysis)
Final point related to the focus of the question
Avoids repetition
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