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Structure Charts
· Use of Structure Charts
· Symbols
· How to create…read more

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Structure Chart Use
· Describe functions and sub-functions of each
part of system (in more detail than a DFD)
· Show relationships between common and
unique modules of a computer program
· Hierarchical, Modular structure
­ Each layer in a program performs specific activities
­ Each module performs a specific function…read more

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Structure Chart Symbols
Structure Chart symbols represent
· Modules (sequential logic)
· Conditions (decision logic)
· Loops (iterative logic)
· Data couples
· Control couples…read more

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Structure Chart - Module
·Rectangle represents a module (program or subroutine)
·Control Modules (mainline) branch to sub-modules
·Library modules are reusable and can be invoked from more
than one Control Module elsewhere in the system…read more

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Structure Chart - Data Couple
· Arrow with an empty circle
· Shows the data one module passes to another…read more

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Structure Chart - Control Couple
· Arrow with filled circle
· Shows a message (flag) which one module sends to another
· Module uses a flag to signal a specific condition or action
another module…read more

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