Storage devices

A table of storage devices and thier propterties  

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Storage devices
Product Portability Capacity Access Method Cost Degradation
Tape Easy to Transport and move Can store Up to 500 Serial access so it The most cost As long as it's not damaged it will last a
around. GB of Data can be a very effective way of long time.
The tape is small up to be able to slow way to storing Data
view it you need specialist access data so it is
equipment (tape player) So many good to for
see it as not very reliable storage of data
CD They are quite portable, but too 650 megabytes Direct access About 10p each Needs to be protected from extreme heat.
big to fit in a pocket, but can be They are easily scratched by general wear
easily carried from place to place. and tear or by being stored unprotected
Flash Memory Very portable it is designed to be 2 GB upwards Direct access It can vary They are very durable and are resistant to
fitted into small electronic devices greatly pressure, extreme heat and accidental
(some people damage
base it on £1 For The part of the USB stick which goes into
1GB ) devices are prone to being broken or
snapped off, which will render the device
Has a limited number of read/write cycles
which limits its usefulness.
Hard Disk Drive It is not intended to be portable ­ It From 160GB to 2+ Direct access £50 for 500 GB It can last For years if treated carefully. It
is screwed in to a computer and not Terabytes can be damaged by being dropped,
moved unless it need to be extreme heat or strong magnetic field


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