Strict Liability Handout.

Hey, this is probably my last handout for Criminal Law. I hope the rest all help you guys!

Strict liability is a common Section A question for the OCR specification so ensure that you understand the strengths and weaknesses.

Good luck with your exams!

Hope it helps!

P.S. I have noticed that instead of Cundy v Le Cocq (1884), my handout states Cundy c Le Cocq (1884)... ensure you change that error :).

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Strict Liability.

Strict Liability.
The courts begin with the assumption that mens rea is required for a crime, however if they decide that the
offence does not require mens for at least part of the actus reus the offence is one of strict liability.
o Prince (1975): D had taken…

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Strict Liability.
Alphacell Ltd v Woodward ­ D was a company who caused polluted matter to
enter the river. It was held by the HoL's that due to it being of the "utmost public
importance" that rivers should not be polluted that the company was liable.
If the crime carries…

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Strict Liability.
oHowever, some people do argue that strict liability offences are counter-productive in that people
realise that they could be prosecuted even though they have taken every possible care, they may
be tempted not to take any precautions because either way they could be liable.
Easy to enforce: The…


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