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Strict Liability Cases
Mens Rea

Pharmaceutical D had supplied drugs on prescription Mens rea is not required in at least
Society of GB v but the prescriptions were later one aspect of the actus reus. D did the
Storkwain 1986 found to be forged. D had not acted actus reus…

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Absolute Liability

Winzar D taken to hospital, examined and Non voluntary act still guilty
1983 was drunk. D told to leave but didn't.
Police took D to roadway outside
hospital, realised he was drunk and
Guilty charged him with being found drunk in
a highway.

Larsonneur D was deported from…

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Gibson and Gibson created art exhibit of a model It was a strict liability offence as it
Sylveire head partially made out of freeze-dried did not need to be proved that D
human foetuses. D convicted of outraging intended to outrage public
1991 public decency. decency or was reckless as…

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Guilty was transmitting as it was a demonstration. D displaced is where the statue is
convicted. concerned with an issue of social

Law Enforcement

Lim Chin Aik v The D convicted of entering Singapore when he Privy Council thought it was not
Queen had been prohibited by an order…


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