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Psychology ­
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What are they?
They are a type of anti-anxiety drug.
How do they work?
The enhance the action of the body's natural anti anxiety relief ­ GABA, a neurotransmitter. It increases
the uptake of chloride ions at the synapse which reduces the activity of other neurotransmitters. This
results in a calm and relaxed feeling.
Give an example of this type of drug
Specific advantages and disadvantages
Effective quickly
Can cause memory loss…read more

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Beta blockers
What are they?
They are a type of anti-anxiety drug
How do they work?
They reduce the activity of noradrenaline and adrenaline by blocking the receptors adrenaline
and noradrenaline usually stimulates during an acute stress response, by doing this it reduces
the heart rate and blood pressure falls. This makes the person feel less anxious and more calm.
Give an example of a type of beta blocker:
Specific advantages and disadvantages
Cheap to take…read more

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Strengths and weaknesses of the drug
Research has been conducted to show the effectiveness of the drugs. For example khan et al did
an experiment on 250 to see the effectiveness on the participants, one group where given the
BZ drug and one group was given a placebo. They were followed for 8 weeks. Results showed
that the BZ was more effective in reducing anxiety symptoms compared to the placebo.
This was a lab experiment therefor the extraneous variables were controlled making us able to
establish a cause and effect. Also it uses standardised procedures so it can be replicated to
check findings for reliability
another strength of drug treatments is that they are easy to do, this is because it requires little
effort from the patient and they are familiar with using pills compared to psychological
treatments which need to patient to be motivated and invest time into the treatment.…read more

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A weakness is that the have side effect for example BZ's are knows to cause memory loss and
increases aggression and BB's have see to increase the risk of diabetes (type 2)
Drugs may be addictive which means they may cause people to be dependant on them and
reduces its overall effectiveness of the drug
Drugs have ethical issues due to the addiction of BZ's there prescription has been reduced to 2-
3 weeks, however they can still be bought on the streets making it dangerous.
Drugs do not deal with the cause only remove the symptoms. This means that if the drug is
stopped the symptoms can reaper if the cause has not been dealt with
Drugs have immediate effect and this is good for people who need urgent treatment and are
impatient i.e. type A people…read more


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