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The General Adaptive Syndrome (GAS) - Seyle

This is the model of how the stress response adapts physiological systems to a stressor.

According to Seyle, stress is adaptive in the short term because it enables us to cope with or adapt to
environmental demands.
Prolonged stress, however, is very damaging…

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Sympathetic Branch
Increased heart rate Decreased heart rate
Reduced activity in the Increased activity in the
stomach stomach
Saliva production inhibited ­ Saliva production increased ­
dry mouth to aid digestion
Pupils dilate/expand Pupils contract
Relaxation of bronchi Constriction of bronchi
Glucose released Glucose retained/stored

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Cohen et Al

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Friedman and Rosenman




Thank you so much for this, it really helped me understand more! :D 

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extremely useful for my exam, thank you very much :)

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