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The General Adaptive Syndrome (GAS) - Seyle
This is the model of how the stress response adapts physiological systems to a stressor.
According to Seyle, stress is adaptive in the short term because it enables us to cope with or adapt to
environmental demands.
Prolonged stress, however, is very damaging
Seyle first studied rats, and later hospital patients with various injuries and illnesses. He noticed they all seemed to
show a similar pattern of bodily response.…read more

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Sympathetic Branch
Increased heart rate Decreased heart rate
Reduced activity in the Increased activity in the
stomach stomach
Saliva production inhibited ­ Saliva production increased ­
dry mouth to aid digestion
Pupils dilate/expand Pupils contract
Relaxation of bronchi Constriction of bronchi
Glucose released Glucose retained/stored…read more

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Kiecolt-Glaser…read more

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Cohen et Al…read more

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Friedman and Rosenman…read more



Thank you so much for this, it really helped me understand more! :D 

Aiste - Team GR

extremely useful for my exam, thank you very much :)

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