Stress Management - Unit 2 (AQA)

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Stress Management
Physiological Approach
Help people cope with stress by changing the way the body responds
to it
Drug Treatments:
They can work in two ways:
Benzodiazepines (BZ's) ­ Example = Valium:
Increase activity of neurotransmitter GABA (body's natural form
of anxiety relief)
GABA's job is to reduce the activity of other neurones
This helps us feel more relaxed
Rapid onset action
Rarely produce side effects when used for short periods
Can become addictive ­ withdrawal symptoms
Treat symptoms and not cause
Beta Blockers (BB's) ­ Example = Propranol:
Reduce the activation of the cardiovascular system
Binds to cells of the heart and other parts of body stimulated
during arousal
This blocks the chances of them being stimulated
Has the effect of reducing the activity of adrenaline and
noradrenaline, decreasing heart rate and lowering BP

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Do not have an effect on the brain
Do not reduce anxiety in people suffering from social phobia
Withdrawal symptoms
Side effects ­ sleep disturbance, stomach pains etc.
Addiction issues
Gives people information about internal physical processes that they
wouldn't otherwise be aware of (e.g. muscle tension)
They get more control over internal processes and can alter them
Attached to machine ­ monitors heart rate, BP, muscle tension
Taught how to control these symptoms of stress (Breathing
control, muscle relaxation etc.…read more

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Stress Management
Psychological Approach
Stress Inoculation Training (SIT):
Assumes that we sometimes find situations stressful because we think
about them in catastrophising ways
SIT prepares person so that you can cope more effectively with
potentially stressful situations by thinking about them differently
Dealing with stress before it becomes a problem ­ Deal with the
Conceptualisation ­ Identify fears and concerns, exploring how
stressful situations are currently dealt with
Skill acquisition and rehearsal ­ Train to develop skills like
positive thinking and relaxation ­ In…read more

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Evaluation of Psychological Approach:
Deal's with the problem not the symptom
Can be lengthy & costly ­ need client commitment
Provide skills that have longer lasting values ­ confidence building
= feel in control = deal with stressful situation
Only suit a narrow band of people who are suited to sticking to
the technique
Research tends to be done on white, middle-class business folk ­
cant be generalised to others…read more



This is really great for stress management thanks, everything you need  

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